Providing Support to Home and Business Computer Userss

Computing Services for home and business users

Where ever you are in the world

If you have internet access then I can help you


Today with the internet available almost anywhere in the world I can support you. I use remote desktop software with your consent to access your PC and do what ever is necessary to update it.


This could be installing new software, fixing existing software, or training you to use your PC better.


If you are in the UK then I can visit and help you with whatever you want.

Denis Lawlor

My background


Started using computers in 1970's when PC's were not around, and I was studying Chemical Engineering at University. Leaving university I worked for a computing bureau, supporting engineering software.


Since then I have had various computing jobs


  • Network design and installation
  • Project managing system roll outs
  • Computer support for big and small companies and home users
  • VB5 programming of real time system that controls equipment, world wide.
  • VBA programming for MS Office suite
  • MS Excel design and build
  • MS Access design and build
  • Writing MS Word macros
  • Teaching computing at an Oxford School
  • Teaching computing software to adults
  • Setting up new computers including trabsfer of data
  • Setting up backup systems
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • Researching data on the internet




Listed below are the main services I offer. If you don't see what you want, please ask.

  • VB5
  • VB Net
  • Backup Systems
  • Training
  • Software Installation
  • Software Updates
  • Network Installation
  • MS Office Support
  • Data Migration
  • Internet Research